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I have a confession to make — for the longest time, I refused to wear open footwear. Yes you read that right. I rejected any sandals or slippers in any form. I just had an aversion to it. Everything changed when I spent my summer vacation in New York City in 2007. As I sported my casual-chic loafers and sneakers, all I could see around me were ‘flip-flops’. Casually dressed men and women strutting up and down the Greenwich Village’s hallowed sidewalks with the most beautiful flip-flops on their feet — in a range of colours and prints. I always like to adopt the style of the place I am in which is why I pushed myself to enter the store of a brand called ‘Havaianas’ where I bought a pair of plain chocolate brown flip flops. I never looked back. For those of you who are still wondering, Havaianas is a Brazilian brand, which is the world’s largest flip-flop brand. These coloured, quirky pairs seem to have attained cult status around the world.


Today, if I could, I would go to work in flip-flops. Unfortunately, I can’t!


So on the weekends, I live in them.


Yesterday, I was invited to check out the 2013 collection by Havaianas and I have to say that I loved it. The collection for men is interesting.

Here are some of the models from the collection, which made it to my list of favourites.


trend_A_ice grey


I love these retro prints and bright colours. top mix_A_preto azul

I also loved the dual coloured models- grey and navy blue, grey and red.
top mix_A_marinho cz Those of you who have been fans of the iconic Pac-Man game will be happy to see the Pac-Man grid on the flip-flop. pac man_C_Navy Blue

s1_4 nite_A_grey phosphorescentAnother retro print
s1_trend_A white tangerine top mix_A_Grey Red arts_C_white 4 nite_C_white light grey

Personally, I am not such a fan of the surfer style so I didn’t think much of the surfer prints. They don’t make it to my selection of favourites.

Summer’s here so make sure you stock up on a few pairs of brightly coloured or printed flip-flops. They are your perfect accessory and style statement this season!

Check out havaianasindia.in



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