#WhatsOnMyFeet Picks: Best Mens Shoes

Our #WhatsOnMyFeet section is a regular feature, where we trawl the streets for the best mens shoesand sometimes we even peep into some of our buddies’ shoe racks to unearth some veritable treasures. For this series, Sydney-based Bombay boy and Google Australia employee, style blogger and authority on mens shoes let us in on some of his favourite pairs. What we found was astounding. People always say that the ‘straight-male-shoe-collector’ is a myth. I have met way too many of them to tell you that it is NOT a myth. Guys, these days, are indeed becoming footwear hoarders, and painstakingly arrange them in racks, cupboards and shelves, like my Google buddy here has done. Anyway, let me not more you with my commentary on style in society. Let’s check out some shoes. Here they are:

mens shoes

What: Brogues Wingtip Boots by Timberland.
Where I got them: Timberland store in Hyderabad.
Why I love them: I loved the stylised look of the shoes. The brogue patterns over most of the shoe and wingtip detail make it even more interesting.
My pairing tips: Flannel shirt and dark denims.
Perfect for: The waterfront bars, sundown cocktails, formal dinner, night out on the town etc.
Riaan’s View: I love how the brogue patterns. I somehow find them a bit too chunky for my taste, but I’m guessing that with a pair of dark denims fitting over the upper half of the shoe, it might look really cool. mens shoes

What: Dark Brown Casual Suede Shoes by Clarks.


Where I got them: Clarks Store in Pune.


Why I love them: They are a modern take on a classic design. This pair can be dressed up or down depending on your preference.


My pairing tips: Slim white shirt, fitted Chinos.


Perfect for: Casual fridays at work, night out on the town.
Riaan’s View: I give this pair a full ten points. So classic, so chic. You can never go wrong! mens shoes

What: Grey canvas Boat shoes by Caterpillar.
Where I got them: Online from TheIconic.
Why I love them: Combines the best qualities of a boat shoe and a trainer. And it is very comfortable to wear for long.
My pairing tips: Tshirt and shorts, Tshirt and jeans, Tshirt and Chinos.
Perfect for: College, weekend runabouts.
Riaan’s View: Not much is to be said about this pair. It has a certain rustic casual feel to it. I would replace my canvas All Stars for this, now that I’m all grown up.
mens shoes
What: Wingtip sneakers by Zara.
Where I got them: Zara store in Hong Kong.
Why I love them: The timeless wingtip design, re-imagined as a sneaker.
My pairing tips: White Shirt and Dark Denims to let the shoes stand out, brown leather bag to match.
Perfect for: sundown cocktails, night out on the town
Riaan’s View: If you ask me, I think this is a modern take on what The Great Gatsby would wear. Very very spiffy. You need to be very confident to carry something like this off. If it works for you, that’s fabulous!
mens shoes
What: Boat shoes by Timberland
Where I got them: Timberland store at High street Phoenix, Mumbai.
Why I love them: They are very comfortable and look very chic with the detailing on them
My pairing tips: Light blue shirt and rolled up chinos
Perfect for: Sundown cocktails by the beach or even to work if you like.
Riaan’s View: I LOVE boat shoes in any form. I love wearing them with shorts. However, these days, I even wear them as a replacement for canvas sneakers.
Remember – I’ve said this many times. Shoes maketh a man. Ladies, make sure you’re getting your men to be well-heeled at all times (literally) and gentlemen, let me never catch you with bad shoes.




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