#Whatsonyourfeet — ‘A Day in the Life of My Shoes’ Part 1

Hey Guys,

As part of our ongoing series #Whatsonyourfeet by the super chic Simon Cudd, from the UK, we look into his shoe closet as he picks out his favourite pairs.

Today, we bring you Part 1 of our series. Enjoy and STAY STYLISH!

IMG_83441) What’s on my feet: Loding suede desert style boots.

2) What I wear them with: Look great with dark jeans and cords.

3) Where I got them: Bought in summer 2012 in Paris, after passing the window on my way to lunch! I went back and bought them!

4) Riaan’s view: I have to admit that I have a weakness for suede desert boots. I’ve been stocking up on them in different colours for the past 2 seasons! My current favourite combo: dark jeans on brown suede desert boots.


IMG_84441) Whats on my feet: Grenson crepe soled boots.

2) What I wear them with: Literally anything, I prefer them with a fitted pair of dark denim and a tweed jacket! My favourite ‘smart’ brand.

3) Where I got them: bought at Selfrigdes Shoe Dept, sometime in 2012.

4) Riaan’s view: I too would wear these with corduroys. The brogue patterns add a nice British touch!


IMG_85251) Whats on my feet: New Balance NB 574 Classic

2) What I wear them with: …combats or jeans. Yet to try with shorts!

3) Where I got them: bought last year, whilst out shopping, saw them, tried them on and thought these are cool, I want these!

4) Riaan’s viewI LOVE coloured sneakers and I LOVE striped, coloured socks. Personally, I would wear this classic NB pair with a pair of plain fitted shorts and a cool tee. A nice sporty, weekend look!


1) Whats on my feet: REDWING Classic work boot.
2) What I wear them with: ….denim, cords or chinos for that classic biker look. BIG turn ups or not, boots unlaced or done up, they simply are cool.
3) Where I got them: got them in Paris, at a Harley-Davidson sore in Bastile. I’d met the owner the night before, and visited the store the following day. They were on “special” so they HAD to be bought!
4) Rian’s view: This pair is cool if you like to sport a rugged biker look. Not one of my favourites as I find these styles too bulky.
All images copyright Simon Cudd. Instagram @simoncudd



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