#Whatsonyourfeet — ‘A Day in the Life of My Shoes’ Part 2

Hey guys,

Here goes. Part 2 of our ongoing men’s footwear series #Whatsonyourfeet by our style guru Simon Cudd, from the UK.

IMG_89321) Whats on my feet: YELLOW All Stars ! One of MY favourite colours!

2) What I wear them with: ….literally anything, they just go! I put navy blue laces in to make them stand out!

3) Where I got them: Bought online one saturday while bored at work!!! 2007

4) Riaan’s view: I used to be a HUGE fan of All Stars till a few years ago and I had them in all colours. However, I am left with only one pair. Working in the luxury publishing business, I had to phase them out! I found that it limited me to a casual look always! I now opt for more versatile styles! I love the yellow…maybe I should opt for yellow loafers!

IMG_89891) Whats on MY feet: Palladium Pampa Tactical boots

2) What I wear them with: ….with jeans or camo style gear! BIG fan of this French brand with lots of history!

3) Where I got them: a few weeks ago!

4) Riaan’s view: I LOVE this pair. I love how different textures have been combined. I also like the side-zipper. I would probably wear something like this while I’m travelling!

IMG_92191) Whats on my feet: Paul Smith Rabbit brown leather trainers!

2) What I wear them with: ….literally anything, although best with jeans!

3) Where I got them: bought at Selfrigdes Shoe Dept, my boss at the time gave me some money for a christmas bonus! 2008

4) Riaan’s view:  I love how versatile this pair is! I could probably pair it with almost ANYTHING (ok not a tuxedo…that would be pushing it!)

IMG_93401) Whats on MY feet: Paul Smith suede brogues

2) What I wear them with: ….literally anything, SO comfortable! Classic and quite elegant! I bought them for a specific reason!

3) Where I got them: bought at a Paul Smith outlet early 2009

4) Rian’s view: How chic is this pair!!!! I think brogues are one of the most elegant footwear models around! And suede always gets my heart racing! I own a similar pair in navy blue and they are as chic as it gets!

All images copyright Simon Cudd, Instagram @simoncudd



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