#Whatsonyourfeet — ‘A Day in the Life of My Shoes’

Hey Guys,

We at UrbanEye.in are always on the lookout for stylish men, who share our passion for the finer things of life– shoes, clothes, watches, accessories and good food.

We’ve got a brand new series lined up and we just know you’re gonna love it. Our latest style guru is Simon Cudd from the UK. Besides the fact that he is the international Brand Ambassador for Bell & Ross watches, he is also one of the most stylish men I’ve come across. I first began to follow his work when he would post photos the most awesome models of Bell & Ross watches, set against unique and fun backgrounds. Here are a few examples.

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Simon loves style and he’s not ashamed to say it. His shoe fetish is unparalleled. Which is why, we’ve got him to open up his well-stocked shoe rack and share his favourite pairs with us. In this special series, #Whatsonyourfeet, we will be looking at the most stylish pairs of shoes, you have ever seen.

Simon stands for everything Urban. He loves his watches, his shoes, his clothes and his gizmos. We’re looking forward to this special series that he is putting together only for UrbanEye.in

All images copyright Simon Cudd
You can follow him on Instagram @simoncudd





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