Why Mumbai Design Week Matters

The moment we design aficionados have been waiting for has finally arrived. We now have our own Design Week! This, by itself is monumental and at the cusp of things to change for not only the city’s but the country’s design future! You might wonder why I am being so dramatic about yet another design festival, but the connotations of this event will shape our future.

Why does Mumbai Design Week matter, you ask?

Well, for starters, it puts Mumbai on the design map of the world. It creates curiosity from other design driven cities such as Milan, Stockholm and London. Design Weeks and festivals like these changes people’s perception of the country and helps view Mumbai as a potential design destination. We can look for inspiration towards Turkey. Their Istanbul Design Week which has come about just in the last few years has created enough fervor in the design world and has been an amazing platform to showcase Turkish designers.

Design Weeks foster a design community and promotes design discussion. It harbors a design curiosity and even healthy competition. It allows us to experiment and open our minds to new possibilities. It allows us to express our views and beliefs on a platform that reaches out not only to other designers but to the common man in effect making the designers and artists less alien and more accessible.

In time I can see this grow to involve students and design schools. An opportunity for more design competitions and satellite pavilions aimed at cultivating new design talent. The potential for such an event is tremendous.

There is a fabulous line up of events this week and here are some I’ve handpicked from the line up. Whether you are from a design background or not, I hope to see you there and support initiatives like this!

1. Labwerk: A show of imaginative reaserch and inspired creations by architects. Looking at architecture as a field of invention and architects as inventors: a laborotory. Featuring architects Amay Gurkar, Rupali Gupte, Rooshad Shroff, Rajeev Thakker, The Busride and Pronit Nath.

Date and Time: 11th March at 6:30pm

Address: Lab Studio. 501 Poonam Building, 11th Road, Juhu

2. Bhavishyavani Project Space: A pop-up project curated by Architect Ashiesh Shah and Tejas Mangeshkar showcasing Indian design with a focus on technology and sustainability.

Date and Time: 11th March at 8:30pm (on till 16th March)

Address: 47/A. Pymento House, St. Monica Road, Off St. Paul’s Rd, Bandra West

3. Dutch Design Workspace: Workshop: Ripping the seams of fashion. Curated and moderated by Akshay Tyagi discussing the relevance of fashion from the perspective of it’s constant struggle between modernity, modernization and tradition. By registration only via www.gyanexchange.com

Date and Time: 12th March at 4:00pm

Address: Poddar Centre, Parel Post Office Lane, Krishna Nagar, Parel

4. Everyday Project: Exhibit of furniture and products inspired by industrial design and characterized by visual playfulness, reflecting Ajay Shah’s approach to design.

Date and Time: 12th March at 6:15pm

Address: #33, Mahalaxmi Arch, Below Mahalaxmi flyover, Mahalaxmi

5. Private Studio Obataimu: Humourous light installations by Noorie Sadarangani

Date and Time: 12th March at 7:00pm

Address: 21 A, Belvedere Court, S Guruji Marg, Mahalaxmi.

6. Workshop at Le Mill: Exploring the connections between design and dining in the context of India’s evolving culinary scene. Panelists include Riyaaz Amlani, Ayaz Basrai, Gresham fernandes and Ritesh Rathi. By registration only via www.gyanexchange.in

Date and Time: 13th March at 4:00pm

Address: 17-25 Nandlal Jani Road, Opp P D’mello Road, Wadi Bunder

7. An Interpretation of Le Mill: Cocktail evening to celebrate contemporary design in association with AD featuring Bijoy Jain, Rajeev Saini and Ashiesh Shah.

Date and Time: 13th March at 5:30pm

Address: 17-25 Nandlal Jani Road, Opp P D’mello Road, Wadi Bunder

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