Why the Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s Most Luxurious Device Yet.

Two days ago, Amazon released its latest Kindle the Kindle Oasis to customers across the globe. We at UrbanEye got our hands on the device, before it was released. In the past few days, we managed to play around with it, download some books, do some reading and experience it for real. Here are some reasons why the Kindle Oasis is everything that Amazon makes it out to be…its most luxurious device yet.


Before we checked out the device for ourselves, we also had the pleasure of meeting up with the Principal Product Manager of the Kindle Oasis, Katherine Abel, who gave us some insights into what inspired the design and innovation of this product. Katherine told us, “The standard for the innovation of Kindle products has been a piece of paper, which we tried to envision even more in the new Oasis.”
Here are our reasons:

Innovation for Ergonomics.
The Kindle Oasis is incredibly thin and light. It is just 3.4 millimetres in the display and weighs only 131 grams. The designers had to innovate in different areas in order to make it this thin and light.
They created a grip that basically puts the weight into the palm of one’s hand. The electronics and the battery are all in the grip side and it shifts the center of gravity twenty percent so it just feels incredibly light in your hand. It also gives one the advantage that it makes the display area incredibly thin. So it doesn’t matter if you’re right or left-handed. If you want to switch hands, it will flip the screen based on when you switch hands. When you flip it, the buttons flip. You can flip pages through the screen as well just like the older one.



Improved Display.
The Kindle Oasis still has exactly the same 6 inch display as its predecessors.
The designers of the amazon kindle oasis are the first ones to use a brand new super thin display. On the back of the display a 0.2 mm glass is used, which is actually the thickness of a piece of aluminium foil. It actually allows the display to flex. So if something hits it, it can absorb the impact instead of cracking. It is easy on one’s eyes as it has a front light that doesn’t reflect the light directly into your eyes. It bounces it around, reflects it off so its much more like reading paper.


Leather Charging Cover.
With a device that’s so small, it’s hard to get the battery life that customers expect on the Kindle so they designed oasis as a system with a premium leather charging cover. You have two weeks of battery life on the device and then combined with the cover, you have over two months. As soon as you put it back into the cover, it starts charging again. Ten minutes in the cover gives you about thirty minutes of reading. It’s got a magnetic attach, so it’s super easy to take the cover on and off. They’ve made it a full system so that you can have that long battery life that is expected from a Kindle. When you put the cover on, it puts the kindle to sleep, and if you take it off, it magically wakes it up. It feels just like a book because it’s on as soon as you open it up.



Redesigned Home Page.
The Kindle Oasis now has icons that are cleaner, and the font ‘ember’ is used throughout the interface. The makers focused on making the interface much more simple and intuitive. With three million books, it can be a challenge to find books you want to read next, so they’ve helped to narrow down the choice to something customers actually want to read. This is in the home of your device. Your content is front and centre and then they’ve helped to track books one has already discovered, that one may want to read. The ‘my reading list’ , amazon wish list, Good Reads, helps to find books too. In addition they’ve also tried to do recommendations based on books that one has purchased and enjoyed. The recommendations are at the bottom. The basic idea behind all this was to make it a much more personalized experience.


Buy Books Off the Device.
A new update allows customers to now buy off the device with the help of certain credit and debit cards. This was not possible for a while due to factor identification, but now, logging on to your laptop is no longer necessary when you want to buy a new book! Happy Reading!


Written by Kristianne Mascarenhas


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