Winter Trend: Checked Flannel Shirts

In my opinion, it’s almost a sin not to love checks. One of THE most fashionable and perpetual trends that the style industry has ever witnessed, has made its comeback and dominantly taken its spot in our Autumn-winter wardobes. I’d like to bring to light one of my favorite trends for this season, “checked flannel shirts” and for this, I pulled out some checked flannel shirts from United Colors of Benetton’s current collection. I certainly believe checks with the seasonal highlight of flannel-wear up your style quotient effortlessly. Here’s how we did it…



Flannel is a soft woven fabric which was originally made of wool, cotton or synthetic fibre with one basic motive of keeping oneself warm when worn. The term “Flannel shirt” is often used to mean any shirt with a plaid or tartan pattern.




Since flannel as a fabric is already thick, layering isn’t always required. However, for those really cold evenings, a simple jacket should suffice. Indian climate has always been tricky and unpredictable which makes it a bit hard to dress. Striking the right balance between light and heavy is tricky. So the way I’ve worn it, I’ve tried to nail it right in between. My personal favorite from this checked flannel collection is the grey piece I’m wearing in these pictures. The contrast between grey and white is simply stunning and the leather mandarin collar is an interesting touch. I’ve slipped on a black bomber jacket to complete my look.




I think the best way of wearing a checked flannel shirt, is by wearing it just by itself or with minimal layering. Wear very basic and subtle coloured trousers or jeans as the focus is already on the loud checks and your look needs to look balanced. You can button the shirt the way you like, for something casual keep the top two buttons open. If you’d like to do some layering I suggest you button yourself up right to the top. So get your shades on,  check out United Colors of Benetton’s awesome checked flannel shirts so that you can take on this winter in style.




Blogged by: Mikhail Gomes
Photography: Vishal Jolapara


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