Z Zegna Spring Collection in India: A First Look

After seven years of separate collections, with entirely different aesthetic approaches, the house of Ermenegildo Zegna decided to merge Zegna Sport with Z Zegna. Looking to cater to the second generation of Ermenegildo Zegna buyers, who would want to be seen sporting a different look from their paternal figures, the Z Zegna Spring Summer 2015 Collection is an innovative but tentative idea. We at Urban Eye got a first look at the Z Zegna Spring Collection in India, and we have to say that we were pretty impressed.

Being shown around the new collection, we were surprised and in awe of the unique and new looks one could be sporting this season. What came to mind instantly is that line between workwear and leisure wear is becoming increasingly blurred, which means that most of the Z Zegna pieces that we saw lent themselves perfectly to both work and leisure time.
This collection brings in the technical aspect of the piece and has a strong focus on tailoring, something that has been Zegna’s strength since the very beginning. Stylish sneakers with a slight retro appeal (we loved the stingray leather pair, yes, you read that right, stingray leather), printed t-shirts, trousers as well as jackets had us raving instantly. Besides the different fabrics used in the creation of this collection, it is relatively cheaper. Techmerino jersey wool seems to be the trendiest fabric of the collection, because it regulates body temperature and absorbs moisture quicker, thereby giving a more sporty, utilitarian element.

The new sneakers are gorgeously made.

The t-shirts are plain and elegant, though some have graphic prints on them. These too are made of Techmerino jersey wool, as function is as imporant as form. I absolutely love this blue polo tee in Techmarino, which is so simple and chic.

Blue polo tee in Techmerino.
Mesh t-shirts add a nice element of texture.

Coming to the jackets of this collection, I personally thought they were extremely chic and stylish with a nice sporty look. There are a lot of hybrid pieces used in this collection. The purpose is to use pieces of inner wear which can be worn as outer wear and vice versa. (so much fun to experiment, don’t you think?) These included a classic navy blazer with a knit back panel, one of my personal favourites of this collection. A few of these jackets are also tailored to a more fitted cut giving the wearer a sleek and slim look.

Classic navy blazer with knit back panel.


Classic navy blazer


And then there was this AWESOME bomber jacket, in a very modern, minimalist avatar, in a lighter fabric, with a nice leather elbow patch detail and gorgeous zip details.

Bomber jacket.


Leather elbow patch detail on the bomber jacket.

Another jacket that caught my eye, had knit sleeves and a back panel made of microtene with a subtle camo-check print. Super contemporary style!

Camo-check printed jacket.

The colour elements of this collection stood out, as well as the camo prints that were revisited on pocket squares and ties (blended with polka dots), which I was very pleased with.

Camp printed pocket squares.
Camo printed ties.

Our verdict: We are already huge fans of Ermenegildo Zegna. Their classic style and impeccable tailoring values are matchless and appeal to us tremendously. As for Z Zegna, it is relatively more fashion forward, catering to a younger, more experimental customer, who wants to try out new styles and silhouettes but, at the same time, retain Zegna’s original spirit. I can’t wait to see more of the collections.


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